People who have moved numerous times typically learn strategies for packing and transporting their belongings efficiently and quickly. Even when they get to a point where they can pay one of the moving companies to transport their furniture and other belongings, they still can use many of those strategies to make the process easier and more convenient, and pleasanter for everyone involved.

Being Organized

Being organized while packing is important to make things efficient at the new location. Belongings should be packed in boxes or plastic containers according to which room they are from or what category they are in. For instance, items from kitchen cabinets should be packed together. Books situated in various rooms could all be packed into boxes together and then sorted at the new abode.

Labeling Containers

Labeling the containers is essential. People usually learn this after the first time they move, if nobody has emphasized this point to them beforehand. It’s surprising to everyone how quickly they forget which boxes hold which items. They’ve been so frazzled and busy that the last thing they’re going to remember is which box holds the silverware.

The Priority Container

A related strategy is to have a container of things that will be needed first. That container typically includes items like a small number of kitchen supplies, soap, shampoo, towels and bed linens. Prescription medications should go in a bag that somebody carries in the car. People rarely are able to unpack all their boxes on the first day in the new home.

Things to Bring in the Car

Some things should go in the car and not in the moving van. The movers will generally not transport live plants, for example, even to the other side of town. Some things should be disposed of properly instead of moved, such as lighter fluid and other combustible materials.

Showing Appreciation

It’s customary to tip the workers of moving companies. Other people, such as friends and relatives, might help pack or unpack boxes at the new place. They can be shown some appreciation with food and beverages. Pizza could be ordered and soft drinks provided, or the ones who are moving might take everyone out for dinner.