Residential ponds filled with plants and fish add interest and beauty to properties and are often selling points. However, pond water does not move, so it can easily become stagnant. That is why many homeowners buy and install pumps that pull pond water up and spray it into the air. The process adds oxygen to water, which helps aquatic life thrive. Aerated water is free of noxious gases and odors. Pond aerating systems also create a beautiful fountain-like effect as they work.

Aeration Equipment Improves Water Quality

The spray created from an aerator exposes water to oxygen and then returns it to the pond, making more oxygen available to the underwater environment. That is critical since a lack of oxygen causes noxious gases to be released from sediment that has settled on the bottom of the pond. Aeration also removes phosphorous and helps to break down bacteria.

Increased Oxygen Is Good for Aquatic Life

Pond aeration can help prevent algae growth. If left to grow unchecked, algae can cover the entire surface of water and discolor it. Green scum may form at the edge of water and dense algae mats will form underwater. Fast-growing algae harms plant and animal life The dissolved oxygen that is introduced during pond aeration helps to transform phosphorous to food forms that cannot be used by algae. As water sprays into the air it also mixes algae spores and then forces them back into deeper sections of the water where growths cannot get the sunlight they need to survive.

Ponds Environments Are More Pleasant

A home pond can be a beautiful place to relax, swim, fish, or even see wildlife enjoy the water. However, if ponds are left untended, they quickly become eyesores that are useless to humans and animals. Water may develop a foul odor and attract mosquitoes. Routine aeration corrects these problems, keeps water healthy and clear, and adds a beautiful fountain effect that many homeowners augment with colored lights.

Sparkling home ponds can be wonderful spots to relax and unwind, but their water needs to be aerated to keep it healthy. Pond aerators introduce oxygen into water, which allows aquatic life to thrive and prevents the growth of algae. Aerating equipment also creates an elegant fountain that adds interest to property.